Your Smile Can Be Brighter With Little Effort

There are many ways to achieve a whiter smile. Some work better than others. Be sure that your chosen method is one that you have researched. Some home remedies aren’t entirely safe, and other products don’t produce results. Read on to explore a few safe and effective whitening options.

TIP! Hydrogen peroxide is less damaging to your teeth than other teeth whitening methods. Splash it around a bit in your mouth while you are showering, but be careful not to swallow.

Drink a little water with your coffee, soda, wine, or tea. These beverages stain the teeth, especially if you are in the habit of drinking them often. By drinking a little water with them, you will rinse off the excess residue that can cling to the teeth and stain them. You can also prevent stains if you brush your teeth after you have any of these drinks.

Artificial Surfaces

TIP! Full of beneficial Vitamin C, oranges and lemons may also contribute to your teeth whitening efforts. You could use an orange or lemon peel by rubbing the back part against the surface of the teeth causing them to sparkle.

When deciding whether or not to have your teeth whitened, consider whether or not you have crowns or other dental work. Natural surfaces are affected to a much greater degree by the whitening process than are synthetic surfaces. Whiteners are ineffective on artificial surfaces. Artificial surfaces are solid and will not absorb the whitening gels, pastes or liquids. If you whiten your teeth and you have artificial surfaces their color will not change.

Crowns will not be whitened when you are bleaching your teeth, no matter the number of times you do them. If there are crowns in your mouth, using a teeth whitener may whiten your natural teeth, but your crowns will remain their original color.

TIP! Make sure that your teeth are clean. It is the first step to obtaining beautiful white teeth.

Carry a tiny toothbrush with you when you plan on eating sugary treats. These food items stick to your teeth easily, and can stain your teeth or make the stains worse. After you have enjoyed the sweet, take a couple of minutes to brush. Toothpaste is not necessary in this instance, just scrub well and rinse with a lot of water.

Regular toothpaste and whitening teeth toothpaste do not differ much. If a teeth whitening product makes no discernible difference when you use it, you might as well save your money. It’s like taking your money and throwing it away.

TIP! If you are using a home whitening product, you need to make sure to follow the directions completely. This could irritate your gums and damage your teeth.

Your dentist might be able to give you his opinions on which at-home whitening methods are effective without harming your teeth or gums. There are different products and they all work in different ways, so consulting a dentist is usually the best policy.

It is important to brush your teeth regularly if you seek a nice looking smile. If food or other items are left to build up on the stain, this could cause staining and discoloration of the teeth. By brushing your teeth often, discoloration should not be a problem.

TIP! By brushing right after you eat, you can prevent plaque from building up on your teeth, which in turn prevents discoloration. Lots of foods and drinks contain staining properties.

Fruits and veggies that are fibrous naturally scrub your teeth when you eat them. Carrots, broccoli, cucumber and apples are just a few examples that will work. Eat them raw, but chew them well; this gives the vegetables time to have an effect on your teeth. Chew the food around in your mouth and cover a lot of area.

Red Wine

TIP! Your dentist will be able to recommended the safest and most effective home teeth whitening kits. Some products are more effective than others, so it’s always a good idea to ask your dentist for his advice.

Red wine is a drink that can negatively impact the way that your teeth look. The enamel absorbs the dark colors of this beverage, making your teeth darker. The only way to eliminate this risk is to cut way back on red wine, if not giving it up altogether.

An excellent method of whitening your teeth is by brushing them using strawberry juice. The acid from the juice softens your tooth enamel, thus enabling you to clean away much of the discoloration from your teeth. This is a nifty home solution to get a brighter smile.

TIP! If you are serious about whitening your teeth, you need to visit your dentist for regular cleanings. A professional cleaning will remove built up tarter, as well as any stains that naturally build up over time.

A little hydrogen peroxide might help you brighten up your teeth. Place a clean cloth in the liquid. When it is damp, rub it against your teeth’s surface. The stains on your teeth, as well as any discoloration will be lightened by the peroxide and the texture the wash cloth has.

Consider switching to a toothpaste with whitening effects. While they will not have the same effect as a tooth whitening procedure, they are great as a maintenance tool to stop new stains forming. These products contain a silica abrasive that will not damage the enamel.

TIP! Fibrous and crunchy vegetables and some fruits will clean your teeth in a natural way as you eat them. Some examples are apples, broccoli, cucumber, and carrots.

Whitening your teeth doesn’t have to be hard and by opting to use the tips from the article above, you can start on your way to having a whiter smile. Some methods may work for you better than others, but remember to experiment to find a proper whitening teeth regimen that works for you.