What You Should Do To Whiten Your Teeth

If whitening teeth has always driven your curiosity, but you were afraid to give it a shot, then this article is for you. Use the helpful information in this article to get great results when whitening your teeth.

TIP! Some fruits are great sources of teeth whitening. An example of some fruits that work great at whitening your teeth would be strawberries and oranges.

You can put different whitening strips on for 30 minutes, if your gums hurt too much when you use the two-hour strips. Although it will take two weeks of applying these strips twice a day for a half hour, gums are less likely to be sensitive.

This won’t harm your teeth as much as some whitening strips being sold today. Simply rinse your mouth with a little hydrogen peroxide, but take care not to swallow it. It only takes once or twice a week to see results.

TIP! You should attempt to have a small toothbrush with you at all times. This will allow you to brush your teeth after eating any sugary foods.

Many times these types of toothpaste will cost more, though they do nothing to whiten teeth. Ask your dentist if he or she can recommend a brand or a product for you to use.

You can get laser whitening done by a dentist. This is probably the quickest way to have your teeth as close to their original whiteness as possible. A bleaching agent is painted on the teeth, and then they are shot with a laser to activate. This process lightens your teeth by about five or six times with the first application.

TIP! Add baking soda to water to whiten your teeth. The mildly abrasive baking soda will buff away discoloration, revealing the shiny, white teeth underneath.

Avoid things like cigarettes, coffee and red wine as these stain your teeth. The chemicals found in these products stick to your teeth and cause them to stain. If you must indulge in these things, you should make it a habit to brush your teeth as soon as you are done. You can also try the miniature brushes that slip over your finger, which are mildly abrasive and negate the need to tote a toothbrush everywhere. The abrasive bristles are what function to clean and whiten your teeth.

Gray Discoloration

TIP! Always thoroughly brush and floss at least twice daily. This will help prevent plaque buildup so your teeth do not become discolored.

If you have teeth with gray discoloration, this is usually caused by something different than the typical food and beverage stains that color teeth brown or yellow, and the gray discoloration is not removable with teeth whiteners. It’ll probably take many treatments in order to have great results with teeth that are extremely discolored.

Talk with your dentist about tooth whitening before you begin using any over-the-counter kits or other products. There are different products and they all work in different ways, so consulting a dentist is usually the best policy.

TIP! You should use baking soda to brush your teeth. Baking soda whitens your teeth naturally.

If you want beautifully white teeth, do not drink beverages that will stain your teeth. Coffee, soda and black tea are just some of the suspect beverages. It is advised to drink a glass of water after drinking these beverages to minimize staining. Enjoy even better results when you alternate drinks of the staining beverage and water.

Enjoy eating an apple to make it look like you have whiter teeth. There is no harm to teeth enamel and the cleaning properties of crunchy foods like apples will take food particles off your teeth fast.

Whitening Toothpaste

Perhaps the simplest way to whiten your teeth is to start using whitening toothpaste. Whitening toothpaste has been specifically designed to target both stains and plaque. This approach will show results in the long term as the toothpaste eventually gets your teeth whiter and reduces stains over time.

TIP! To keep your teeth from becoming discolored, brush your teeth immediately after every meal. A cleaning right after a meal minimizes the staining effects some foods have by giving stains no time to set on your teeth.

Whitening your teeth is a great way to literally better the quality of your life. Whiter teeth not only makes you much more attractive; it helps you to be more confident in society. More comfort in social settings can help you lead a more enjoyable life. Use these tips to improve your smile with affordable and quick teeth-whitening strategies.