What You Should Do To Whiten Your Teeth

Whiter teeth could make you more attractive and encourage people to adopt a friendly attitude as you smile more. Everyone has a different favorite whitening method. Take the time to consider which option is the best for your teeth before spending too much on any one choice. This article will focus on providing you with an overview of the various whitening methods to help you get started with the process

TIP! If you use two hour teeth whitening strips and your gums are getting increasingly sensitive, switch to half hour strips. Although you will need to use the thirty minute strips two times a day for two weeks, they are less apt to irritate your gums.

If using long whitening treatments, which last over an hour, causes your gums extreme sensitivity or pain, switch to treatments that are just applied for half an hour. Although it takes longer to whiten your teeth using the 30 minute strips, it will not make your gums sensitive.

Sip some water when you are drinking wine, soda, tea, or coffee. These can stain quickly, especially if consumed regularly. The water may help rinse the stain causing liquids from your teeth before they can begin to stain them. Brushing your teeth following drinking can also prevent stains.

TIP! Citrus fruits are not only a good source of Vitamin C, but they can help you whiten and brighten your teeth. You can even use a lemon peel or an orange, all you have to do is rub the surface of your teeth against the back part, which causes them to sparkle.

If you have any known issues with your teeth such as cavities or gum disease, it is important that you first visit your dentist before starting any teeth whitening treatment. Use extreme caution when whitening. Your dentist can help you find the strategy that is the most effective and safe for you to use.

Artificial Surfaces

TIP! Avoid cigarettes, wine and coffee. These products have chemicals that bond to and stain your teeth.

Don’t forget that whitening teeth products and procedures are effective only on natural teeth. Artificial surfaces will not be affected by whitening procedures. Veneers and implants are examples of surfaces that cannot get whiter by standard procedures. If you whiten your teeth despite having these artificial surfaces in place, the artificial surfaces will remain the same color while your natural teeth are lightened.

Besides being tasty and healthy, some fruits are also useful for whitening teeth. The inner portion of an orange peel can be rubbed on teeth to whiten them. Making a strawberry paste and rubbing the mixture on your teeth for five minutes has been proven to whiten teeth. You could also rub the inside of an orange peel against the surface of your teeth.

TIP! You must follow the directions on home whitening products to the letter. Rather, it can cause gum and mouth irritation, and even cause massive dental damage.

One natural technique for whitening your teeth is to use strawberries. Strawberries have been proven to give great whitening teeth results. You can cut up a strawberry and then rub it all over your teeth, or mash it up and use as a toothpaste. In order to achieve the optimum results, allow the strawberry juice or mashed up strawberry to remain on your teeth approximately five minutes before you wash it off.

Your dentist may be willing to advise you about what home whitening kits will work the best without causing damage to your teeth or your gums. There are different products and they all work in different ways, so consulting a dentist is usually the best policy.

Red Wine

Red wine connoisseurs, especially those who imbibe regularly, tend to have tooth discoloration. The wine is absorbed into your teeth, staining them. The only sure-fire way to eliminate this threat is to cut back on red wine consumption, or even give it up altogether.

TIP! Consuming enough water is important for whiter teeth. Drinking water rinses your teeth, and prevents stains from setting in.

Getting your teeth whitened can significantly improve your confidence and self-esteem. You will radiate confidence each time you smile and receive complements on your beautiful teeth. You must care for your teeth in order to get the great smile you want. Find the best whitening of the teeth technique for you to get the best results.