Tips For Bright, Shiny, White Teeth

Your hair is glossy and lies perfectly, you dress in stylish clothes and your complexion is glowing. But, discolored teeth will keep you from fully achieving the appearance you want. Read the following article and you’ll have all the information you need to get yourself a beautiful white smile.

TIP! If you have tried the two-hour teeth-whitening strips and now have more sensitive teeth or gums, switch over to strips designed to stay on for only 30 minutes. Even though the 30-minute strips will take 14 days of twice-a-day applications, they will help decrease gum sensitivity.

This isn’t as bad for your teeth some of the whitening strips out there for purchase. Just swish some hydrogen peroxide around in your mouth during your shower, but be sure not to swallow. Repeat this once or twice a week to maintain the whiteness of your teeth.

An organic coconut oil may be just the ticket to whitening your teeth. Swish coconut oil around your teeth for approximately 10 minutes a day to see the full effect. After approximately 10 minutes, you should spit this out of your mouth and proceed to brush your teeth like normal. You will see results in a few days.

TIP! To get the best results from home teeth whitening products, start with thoroughly cleaned teeth. While hair dyes are absorbed better by dirtier hair, whitening products need an extremely clean surface in order to work well.

Maintaining white teeth is difficult unless you get your semi-annual dental cleanings. You should get cleanings at least twice a year. Set up your next appointment while you are there so you will not forget to do it. Make sure the office will email or call to remind you.

One simple thing you can do to get sparkling white teeth is to use a whitening toothpaste. These toothpastes have added ingredients to provide more friction and take more plaque and stains off your teeth. With time, the stains will disappear and your smile will look brighter.

TIP! Research has shown that some fruits make natural teeth whiteners. In particular, strawberries and oranges can be great for whitening.

If you need immediate whitening teeth results, you may want to ask your dentist to do it for you. While this method carries a heftier price tag than other solutions, it produces faster, immediate results.

While many people undergo bleaching for a great whitening teeth method, if you do it too much this could make your teeth porous and really cause a lot of damage to the enamel. This can also make your teeth easily staining.

TIP! Mouthwash is great at fighting germs, but if you’re trying to whiten your teeth, it may be working against you by causing stains and discoloration. Pick mouthwashes that have less color and fewer chemicals, as these will cause less staining.

Stay away from cigarettes, tea and coffee. These substances can discolor your teeth to a deep brown. If you insist on enjoying your dark beverages, drink through a straw whenever possible. Also, brush your teeth straightaway. One of the most common causes of discoloration is the staining effect of coffee, tea and tobacco.

Before you being a tooth whitening procedure, know that whitening only works on teeth without any artificial surfaces. Your implants, crowns or veneers will keep their color. Dramatic whitening of your natural teeth can make your dental work much more obvious.

TIP! An affordable, effective teeth whitening technique is to brush with baking soda. Baking soda is a natural remedy that is great for whitening your teeth.

You can apply hydrogen peroxide to yellow teeth to eliminate stains. Simply dip your washcloth into the liquid. You then lightly apply the washcloth to the tooth’s surface with a gentle, rubbing motion. Peroxide can be very effective in removing discoloration, and the cloth’s texture can assist in the stain removal as well.

Rinsing your mouth with water after consuming stain-causing beverages will help you maintain a white smile. Coffee, tea and some alcohol can stain your teeth, so drink water afterwards. You can also drink tea and coffee through a straw to help avoid stains, or lighten your drink with whole milk.

TIP! This is very little difference between regular and whitening toothpastes. You don’t need to spend a lot on something that won’t whiten your teeth.

Don’t get tricked by those tootpastes that claim to whiten your teeth. They can help in small ways, but realize that additional techniques are probably necessary. If you want to purchase a whitening toothpaste, be sure to find one that includes baking soda.

Whitening Products

TIP! If you are battling against gray teeth, you are not going to get the results from teeth whitening that you want; it really only works well with natural teeth that are discolored in yellow or brown colors. It could take multiple treatments to whiten teeth that are extremely discolored.

You may experience irritation to your gums with some whitening products. To avoid this, purchase whitening products that contain lower amounts of peroxide. In most cases the swelling and irritation will disappear in a short time, once your mouth has adjusted to the product.

Enamel is a “barrier” of minerals that prevent root infections and other tooth hazards. Many whitening products, including mouthwashes, toothpastes and gel strips, contain toxic chemicals and acidic substances which can have damaging affects on your teeth.

TIP! Avoid beverages that can leave stains on your teeth if you want them to be white and bright. Some of these beverages include coffee, black tea and colas.

If you heard that lemon or lime juice can effectively whiten your teeth, you were grossly misinformed. It is a good idea to stay away from this method of treatment. When you allow acid of any kind to stay on your teeth, it destroys the enamel and discolors the softer pulp of the tooth beneath. Of course, once the enamel is breached, decay results.

Chewing fresh parsley or cilantro can help you brighten your smile. The composition of these foods can kill off bacteria and germs which cause the discoloration of your teeth. But don’t be under the impression that these can be used as a toothpaste replacement.

Soft Drinks

You should try to drink less soft drinks. Soft drinks can discolor and permanently stain your teeth. Soft drinks contain other ingredients which can potentially mar your tooth enamel. Stains stick more readily to teeth with damaged enamel. Whitening your teeth will be much harder if you insist on over-indulging in soft drinks.

TIP! A professional whitening may be expensive, but it’s probably the best way to start whitening your teeth. The results from getting your teeth professionally whitened are fast, but cost more.

Get plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Try to avoid unhealthy foods, especially those at fast food joints. Also limit the amount of snacking that you engage in. Eating healthy foods will both decrease your chances of developing cavities and help to whiten your smile.

The article above gave you some great advice, so you have no excuse for ruining your appearance by not having a perfectly white smile. You will feel better about yourself, and you will smile more frequently, if you implement the strategies included in this article.