Make Your Teeth Whiter Than Ever With These Tips!

White teeth are not only considered a mark of beauty, but also, a sign of health. You definitely want to look and feel as good as humanly possible. This article will give you some tips for a whiter smile and a better outlook on life. Enjoy your new life with movie star teeth.

TIP! Not only are lemons and oranges foods that are rich in Vitamin C, they are also teeth-whitening foods. Take the peel of the orange or lemon and rub the back of it on the surface of your teeth until they sparkle.

This isn’t as bad for your teeth some of the whitening strips out there for purchase. You can take a few minutes in the shower to rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide, and remember not to swallow any of it as you rinse. Do this between one and two times every week.

It is very important to watch what you put in your mouth after you whiten your teeth. Once your teeth are whiter they will also be more sensitive and get stained easily. Do not eat too many dark colored foods after whitening your teeth. For example, you should avoid drinking coffee. Some of it will be absorbed into your teeth, and cause discoloration.

TIP! Laser tooth whitening is an effective procedure that can produce quick results. Your teeth will look whiter after only a few sessions.

Try eating a number of raw foods that are good for you, like fruits and vegetables. Eating over-processed, fried foods puts you at higher risk for developing cavities and discolored teeth. Try to avoid such foods as much as you can to keep your teeth healthy. You should also avoid snacking all the time if you want a nice smile.

Baking Soda

TIP! Strawberries are one food that can naturally whiten your teeth. Enzymes that are naturally present in these berries can whiten teeth without the use of harsh, chemical ingredients.

For an effective way to get your teeth whiter at home, try baking soda and water. Baking soda offers you a non-abrasive, natural way to polish and whiten your teeth. Wet your toothbrush, then dip it in baking soda and immediately apply to your teeth, brushing like you normally would.

Your dentist can tell you which kits whiten teeth best without damaging enamel or gums. Some products are more effective than others, and your dentist would be a great source to let you know which ones are best.

TIP! Oftentimes, teeth whitening products make teeth sensitive. It can last for a short time but it still hurts.

Basic dental hygiene, such as brushing your teeth and flossing regularly, is an indispensable foundation for your whitening teeth efforts. These simple things will remove the plaque that builds up on your teeth and discolors it. It is a good practice to brush and floss your teeth after every meal.

If your teeth are heavily strained or if over-the-counter products have failed to work, you may want to visit a dentist to receive a professional cleaning. This process is more expensive, but it can provide better results, and is quicker than many other whitening products.

TIP! It does not matter how often you try and bleach your teeth, as your crowns cannot be whitened. If there are crowns on your teeth, your natural teeth can become brighter with whitening products while the crowns will remain the same color.

Brushing your teeth is imperative after teeth whitening procedures to ensure quality results. Bacteria grows because of food on teeth. This bacteria can be responsible for problems with your teeth, such as cavities and gum disease.

Dark beverages and cigarettes stain your teeth. These things can turn your teeth brown. You can take several protective measures if you do drink these beverages, including brushing your teeth after eating, using a stress, and covering your teeth. The biggest culprit of tooth discoloration is coffee, tea and tobacco.

TIP! Make sure you regularly visit the dentist so your teeth can be cleaned by a professional, which is a good way to get that white smile you want. Schedule appointments for cleanings twice per year.

If you’re using whitening products that contain a tray, you will need one that properly fits your teeth. If the tray does not fit snuggly, chemicals from the whitening gel can seep out resulting in gum irritation. If you find this to be the case, find out if there are other sizes. If not, stop using that product altogether.

If you are not happy with the color that your teeth are, the first thing you should do is speak to your dentist about all available options. Whitening of the teeth may only seem like a cosmetic change that is simply wasting money. However, it is worthwhile if whiter teeth help your appearance and give you confidence.

TIP! What is the difference between regular toothpaste and those that claim to whiten your teeth? Not much. If a teeth whitening product makes no discernible difference when you use it, you might as well save your money.

Use whitening toothpaste on a daily basis. They are not quite as strong as some other methods on their own, but they can help prevent or treat new stains. They scrub away stains with a mild silica abrasive that won’t hurt your tooth enamel.

Use gum massages, brush and floss twice a day. Also, to enhance your teeth whiteness, make sure you brush and floss after each and every meal. By doing this, you will surely remove plaque and food that causes stain to your teeth.

Brush your teeth upon waking up, and then again right before bed. Saliva dries up in your mouth at night and allows bacteria and plaque to build up.

Hydrogen Peroxide

TIP! There’s no substitute for regular cleanings at your dentist’s office. Professional cleaning can remove a great deal of the built up tartar and stains that naturally develop over time.

Though many hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth, it is really not safe. In addition to being hazardous, it can often have the effect of creating varying shades of color on your tooth’s enamel. Avoid products that contain hydrogen peroxide.

It is recommended that you have your teeth whitened before getting wire braces. If you do that you will have straight teeth that are much whiter once they are removed. You’ll be very pleased with your teeth because they will not only be straighter, but they will be whiter as well.

TIP! Drinking plenty of pure, filtered water will help you to have white teeth. Water will rinse your mouth, and get rid of any stain-causing particles.

Ideally, the information you have learned in this article will be able to aid you in your whitening teeth decisions. There is no doubt that anyone would want to look and feel their best. Enjoy your brand new smile!