Laser Teeth Whitening: An Overview

Laser teeth whitening is relatively a new process of teeth whitening. If you compare laser whitening to other systems, it is by far the most effective. In fact its only real competitor is the bleaching tray, which is also being offered by dentists. However, most people prefer this whitening process because it can achieve so many different things for your life. It even sometimes makes the cost of having laser whitening immaterial.

How does it work?

Teeth discoloration or staining is something that regular brushing cannot remove, as its stains are deeper in the enamel. With a laser teeth-whitening procedure the pores of the enamel will open to get rid of the stains and the laser will serve as a heat lamp to warm the whitening gel. The results of laser whitening is excellent, it can whiten teeth by up to 10 shades. However, there is a small possibility that lasers can damage teeth. Since this process works best when repeatedly done, individuals with sensitive teeth are advised to the entire treatment in one session to avoid negative reaction.

Any disadvantages?

Aside from the negative reactions it may cause to your sensitive teeth, another most reported disadvantage of laser whitening is the fact that it costs a lot more than any ordinary teeth whitening. A single session of laser teeth whitening can cost around 300 to 2000 dollars. Irritation among the gum line is another disadvantage. Like teeth sensitivity, the laser-activated gel also causes this irritation on the gums. Although, this is just a short-term disadvantage because this irritation will only lasts a few days.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

Laser whitening treatment will help you gain confidence by having a brighter and whiter smile. Having a white smile will make you look younger and more attractive. It will also make you appear healthier, like for some smokers who are more prone to teeth discoloration. Removing nicotine out of the enamel using laser teeth whitening will make a big difference on how the teeth look.

After having a laser teeth whitening treatment, a good combination of dental healthcare and a sensible use of home whitening kit will help prolong your bright looking teeth.

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