Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Many people want their teeth whitened but do not want to spend hundreds of dollars for cosmetic procedures. This is why people resort to cheaper alternatives like zoom, laser teeth whitening, gels, strips, home kits or systems. Of course people often do not weigh the repercussions of teeth whitening.

Is teeth whitening safe? Yes and No.

Yes, because unlike in the 80’s most current teeth bleaching products contain only ten percent concentrate of the active oxidizing agent carbamide peroxide. Recent studies have shown that the current whitening products may have side effects but it can be rectified. You may experience temporary, slight teeth sensitivity or sometimes gum irritation but rest assured it will go away after a few days. Sensitivity of the teeth takes place because the enamel is thinning, many cheap whitening products can hurry that process. So be careful in choosing your bleaching product, trust only reputable companies to avoid this from happening.

No, teeth’s whitening is NOT entirely safe. Although manufacturers guarantee its safe, teeth whitening products can pose a threat if they are misused or if the directions are not heeded. Using hydrogen peroxide as teeth whitener may also cause nausea, vomiting and stomach pain if ingested. Over teeth bleaching can lead to slightly translucent gray discoloration in the corner of the mouth or teeth. It should serve as a warning for the consumer to stop using the whitening product before it causes permanent damage. Additionally, do seek your dentist’s advice if you are currently suffering from elevated teeth sensitivity. Gum sensitivity may also happen if you are using bleaching trays and it hurts the gums because it does not fit properly. Sometimes gum irritation takes place because the chemical of the bleaching product soaked your sensitive mouth tissues.

Since there is no proven link to any structural damage, teeth whitening is vitally safe, especially if we use this to protect and keep one’s teeth healthy. Teeth whitening products produces a healthy white smile as long as the consumer follows the directions and does not abuse the product. Dental experts also pointed out that coffee, tea, soft drinks, and smoking cigarettes can actually cause more damage to tooth enamel than tooth whitening products.

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